VLF120 Communications Transmitter

The VLF120 is a compact, efficient, very low frequency transmitter for military, underwater communications, and other long range or timing applications.

Highlights include:

  • RF Power: 120 kW
  • Three power amplifier cabinets plus one matching cabinet
  • AC to RF Power Efficiency: >82%
  • RF Frequency: down to 21 kHz
  • Hot-pluggable RF Power Modules paired with dedicated switched mode power supplies
  • Power Consumption: 150 kW maximum
  • Proven system design shared with Nautel NL Series positioning, navigation, and timing transmitters
  • Nautel Service and Support

Product Information

Nautel VLF120 Transmitter

VLF120 Communications Transmitter



Each power amplifier rack contains 12 power amplifier modules each configured with 2 power amplifiers for a total of 72 power amplifiers in the system.

Power Amplifier

Each amplifier module includes two RF amplifiers. The amplifier is of the full bridge, Class D type with dual high thermal capacity MOSFETS in each leg.