The expertise to design your custom, high power RF solution

Explore each of the typical Nautel solution elements above to learn more about how our unique RF design and manufacturing capabilities can be applied to create a customized design for you.

RF Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

When you purchase a Nautel product or custom design you leverage a rare pool of RF engineering and manufacturing talent.  For over 45 years, successive generations of Nautel designers have built an expanding base of fundamental solid state RF power design.  The design team of around 40 personnel possess capabilities that have grown to include advanced digital signal processing and user interface design.

A sample of Nautel’s broad library of technical skills include:

  • Solid state amplifier design from DC to 200 MHz
  • High efficiency switch mode amplifiers
  • Antenna design and computer simulation
  • High efficiency RF matching, combining and filtering at high power and voltages
  • Power conversion devices
  • RF magnetics
  • Flexible DSP based control,  protection and signal generation
  • AC and switch mode power supply design
  • Built-in instrumentation
  • Control systems
  • Digital hardware design including embedded micro controller, DSP and FPGA design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Analog and digital communications theory
  • Data communications systems
  • Networking and TCP development