Case Study: RF-Vacuum Kiln and Control System for Drying Lumber

RF vacuum kiln / HF dielectric drying amplifier for drying lumberCustomer Issue:

  • Forest Products Company required the most consistently-dried, stable timber with no shrinking, warping or cracking for high yield
  • Customer contracted Nautel to develop an RF-vacuum kiln and control system

Nautel Solution:

  • Nautel provided the systems integrator, HF dielectric drying amplifier and matching network
  • Participated in the complete development of an RF/vacuum kiln for drying lumber
  • Provided RF and high voltage experience for the electrical design of the applicator (electrodes) and vacuum chamber, including the design of high voltage feed-through insulators
  • Conducted a dielectric properties analysis of hardwood lumber
  • Extensive analysis and computer modeling was completed to determine the matcher impedance range
  • Technical staff provided extensive support for system integration and development of PLC based kiln control system
  • Provided support during system development and evaluation

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