Case Study: High Power Plasma Amplifier for Plasma Rocket Engine

High power plasma amplifier for Ad Astra plasma rocket engineCustomer Issue:

  • Rocket manufacturer required very high efficient and high power plasma amplifiers for plasma rocket engine system
  • Customer subcontracted Nautel to build high powered and high efficiency plasma amplifiers for space

Nautel Solution:

  • Nautel developed and built 50kW and 180kW plasma amplifiers for first and second stage of the rocket engine
  • Amplifiers are solid state, water cooled with efficiency over 97% DC to RF conversion
  • Will be tested in 2013 (anticipated) in the space station

Working prototype in vacuum chamber

Ad Astra logoCustomer Comment:

“Nautel’s compact and light weight high power RF technology is critical to a successful space application. In addition, the low voltage requirements of these RF transmitters make them compatible with the voltage output of space-borne solar power arrays, eliminating costly and bulky power transformers and other intermediate power conditioning equipment.”

Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz

Chairman and CEO, Ad Astra

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