Continuous Waves: Transmitting Clear Signals of Success

Trumpf Express, Vol. 2/12

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As the sea finds its way across the Atlantic Ocean and the waves approach the shores of Nova Scotia, they are greeted by waves of a slightly different variety. Here, at one of the most eastern points of North America, employees at Nautel Limited are hard at work developing the latest radio broadcast transmitters for implementation around the globe.

Tucked into Hackett’s Cove, Nautel Ltd. serves as the primary manufacturing center and is home to all engineering, R&D and company management functions. At the Nautel headquarters, a large number of FM transmitters from 300W to 40 kW and high powered AM transmitters are produced. Radio stations purchasing RF transmitters used to send signals for broadcast are Nautel’s most frequent customers, but the company also manufactures navigational radio beacons and a wide range of transmitters, such as Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) transmitters, and even amplifiers for plasma rocket engines. Read more >