Nautel Wins Gold ‘Innovative Business of the Year’ Award

Halifax Business Awards, Thursday, January 25th, 2018.

Nautel was named ‘Innovative Business of the Year’ Gold Winner at the Halifax Business Awards. Nautel’s worldwide reputation for building leading-edge innovative products backed by outstanding support was a key factor in the company taking top honours at this year’s event.

During an interview prior to the Awards ceremony, President and CEO Kevin Rodgers commented “Nautel recently designed and built a garage-sized high-power combiner that adds the outputs of five separate Nautel 400 kW transmitters to achieve the world’s most powerful AM radio output. At 2 Megawatts, this power presented a considerable engineering challenge and an innovative approach.”

In response to a question about how Nautel defines innovation, Kevin went on to say: “Innovation is taking things that you’ve learned, both the mistakes and the things you do well, and recombining them to do something that is more efficient or completely new. Nautel used innovation to transform its market position. It challenged competitors by creating the first high-power, solid-state, transmitters and redefined hardware products to be computer-intensive. Today, 10 of the top 10 revenue-producing broadcast companies in the USA now use Nautel.”

Founded in in 1969 by Dennis Covill, Nautel’s sells in 177 countries and has other manufacturing operations in Maine and Ontario.